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Web User Research

As an applied anthropologist, I take web user research seriously. Since I was trained to abide by the exacting standards of the scientific method and ethical standards of anthropology, I can bring new insights and valuable information that you can use to make your websites and apps more effective.

My experience with web usability and user research process has been as formal as an ethnographic research project with participant observation, focus groups and structured surveys with both qualitative and quantitative metric analysis to the informal gathering of user data from online metrics, industry online marketing information, and stakeholder/client interviews. This continuum of research is based on the client's needs, the site's production schedule, and budget.

Other types of research experience include food studies with an innovative survey methodology that can identify the disjuncture between what people say they eat and what they actually ate--and the context so we can better understand why. Ongoing research projects include a conservation tourism assessment in Nicaragua and a multi-site field study on informal aid networks dispersing recovery aid (Phase II of disaster relief) to natural disaster survivors.

Web User Research

Can people find your business or non-profit organization on the Internet? What design elements or content would make your web site or app a more effective one for your goals? We design useful and long-lasting websites based on ethnographic user research and web analytics data. We offer experienced web user (UX/UI) site research design for more effective online options for businesses and non-profit organizations. Please contact me directly for details at Types of organizations who have benefited from our ethnographic user research data-based web design include:

• International youth service organization
• Environmental consultants/urban planning firm
• Autoparts retailer reliant on online sales